Aberdeen Meadows Harp


Aberdeen Meadows Harp

The Aberdeen Meadows Harp is made to be large, in both voice and stature.  The string action of the Aberdeen is designed to support very light touch, with subtlety and color; while still rising to full voice allowing for a comprehensive dynamic range.  This harp is an impressive performance instrument.  The Aberdeen comes standard with full Rees sharping levers.  The Aberdeen now also has our new round shoulder which provides additional ease of play.  Unique to Rees Harps, the Aberdeen can be ordered in the standard C to C range or the lower A to A.  Both harps are the same size.

Harp Specifications

  1. 36 Strings

  2. 55 Inches Tall

  3. 5 Octaves

  4. C to C or A to A

  5. 23 to 25 pounds (may vary with wood type)

  6. Lifetime Warranty

Ordering Information


All Ireland Harp Champion, 

Maire Ni Chathasaigh recorded her new album, Firewire, on her Aberdeen Meadows Harp. 

Visit Maire’s site at IrishHarper.com

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